We do not use a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” approach but tailor our analysis and research based on any unique aspects of a case.

We have worked throughout Ohio, in Western Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois.  Our clients have ranged from the corner pizza shop to multimillion dollar corporations.

The majority of our business is based upon referrals from attorneys and accountants.  Our referral base knows that at Agin and Agin – We get it right.

Agin and Agin has been providing consulting services in the areas of business valuations, calculation of damages and litigation support since 1986.  We are unique in our multi -dimensional approach utilizing our expertise in economics, finance, mathematics and accounting.

We have done work in the areas of domestic relations, succession and estate planning, business losses, economics of personal injury cases, and of course for those in the process of buying or selling a business.

Firm Overview

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